Virgin Mary Redux

Like I said, a successful asexual rockist female musician would be immaculate as to be Marian. Virgin Mary is often held as the highest standard of femininity, moreso that she’s construed to be virginal and sinless. Conversely speaking, women are inevitably cursed if they don’t fulfill those standards even if Virgin Mary didn’t either.

Moreso for some intersex women who may be free of pimples and periods but because they literally can’t give birth (when Virgin Mary does) they’re inevitably suspicious characters to begin with. Likewise, female popstars are practically sinful in that they don’t compose their own music to the point of plagiarising others and sexualise themselves at any point, even having bad taste in lovers or deliberately refuse sex.

An immaculate rockist virgin would expose the problems with how other pop divas are perceived, especially if they’re hiding flaws they’re ashamed of. Pop divas are closer to Mary Magdalene as they’re flawed and unholy. They’re inauthentic not just musically but also hagiographically because they’re made over into somebody else.

It’s comparable to Mary Magdalene going from prostitute to believer, it shouldn’t be unsurprising that Sinead O’Connor was brought up in a Magdalene asylum.


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