Importance of being Mary

Virgin Mary is undoubtedly one of the most consistently influential women to date, even if she doesn’t and needn’t to deserve it. Her influence is associated with the overall rise of Christianity, so inevitably women are going to be held up by her standards or rather the Catholics’. Her sinlessness lies in her virginity, troubling as it sounds.

Our lady has been set up to a ridiculously high standard but for some reason she still manages to move and inspire many more people even long after her death than any other female historical figure to date. Nobody knows what she really looked like but her associated iconography’s famous.

Should she ever get reincarnated in rockism, she’d be too perfect for her own good but also deconstructs Madonna. Madonna is Virgin Mary in name (it’s also the Italian word for the latter), but the other is Virgin Mary in personality and presentation. Madonna is dubious, the other is immaculate.

She’d even be the ultimate girl next door as her asexuality lends itself to certain projections. That’s something not even other musicians pegged as such can live up to. But then again most women can’t live up to Virgin Mary either.


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