Insecurity and maladaptive jokes

I think I remember reading somewhere that people who do use aggressive humour (jokes to put down others and sneering) might be insecure. The more technical word is fragile or unstable high self-esteem but it addresses the same problem. Since these people either feel or have been threatened before, they do ridicule not just to show contempt but also to make themselves feel better.

Somebody who’s been scolded a lot for having expensive stuff or poor taste in crushes would feel the need to lash out and project issues onto somebody else. It’ll include sneering and people with unstable high self esteem tend to act aggressively because they fear being flawed or weak.

It makes sense that if they have peers who are highly critical of them, would result to name-calling and manipulate them. People with stable high self-esteem don’t do this often. Not that it’s bad and people who are insecure aren’t necessarily mentally ill but simply have issues they’re embarrassed about.


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