The problems with racialism

Anthropologists did classify people based on phenotype in anthropology before and it has largely subsided from the mainstream. It still exists but mostly among well-intentioned but racist individuals. Classifying human phenotypes could still be valid but not when it comes to Africa’s maddening ethnic diversity.

Earlier, read racist texts would classify African phenotypes under Sudanid, Paleonegrid/Guineasid, Sahelid, Aethiopid, Bantid, Khosid, Bambutid, Congid and Igboid. Meanwhile their European counterparts have more lovingly diverse classifications under Baltid, Keltic Nordid, Nordid, Atlantid, Brunn, Mediterreanid, East Nordid, Altanto-Mediterreanid, Baskid, Berid, Borreby, Dalofaelid, Cro-Magnid, Sub-Nordid, Norid, Alpinid, Dinarid, Tronder, Anglo-Saxon, Armenid, Lappid and Dinaro-Mediterreanid.

Ironically, Africans are more diverse than Eurasians are not just culturally and genetically but also should be physically so. There are some that do post otherwise racist descriptions of ignored ethnicities like Baganda, Hausa, Fula, Yoruba, Bamileke, Kikuyu and Bamoun. Perhaps countless more.

A Nigerian would tell the differences between Igbo and Yoruba and have it be confirmed by genetics. A reverse engineered racialism would have Africans outstrip Europeans in phenotype diversity complete with ‘Hausid’, ‘Yorubid’, ‘Bamileke’, ‘Kikiyoid’, ‘Swahilid’; etc.

It’s just as racist given that sometimes the supposed admixture is just due to differing facial proportions regardless of phenotype.


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