Never too old

Like I said before, there are growing numbers of adult animation fans and as expected, many of them have jobs which means enough money to spend with. This includes patronising less mainstream productions as well as affording pricier merchandise. Even corporations like Disney are responding in a way.

On one hand, the public is beginning to take notice of this demographic as soon as some places bother to support such occupations and industries. On the other hand, it could change the way animated cartoons are produced and marketed to. It’s already happening especially online and the logical apotheosis lies in anime and superhero media.

The latter two also still appeal to children but have a highly influential ageing audience to boot. This is the very demographic that demanded more faithful adaptations and the ones that are very attached to such franchises and stories longer than most people do. Western animation’s no different.

There’s a reason why Adult Swim and Fox’s Animation Domination exist. Corporations are beginning to take advantage of this demographic which have a bigger say on things than children do, even if it’s ultimately detrimental when it comes to gaining new fans.



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