Do you really want Rob Liefeld?

There are some superhero fans complaining about superheroes getting leaner because of ‘realism’. That is understandable but if taken to a logical conclusion, one wonders whether if they secretly want Rob Liefeld. He’s a cartoonist who’s infamous for not drawing well, especially when it comes to anatomy and stuff.

I could also get the complaints about ‘photorealism’ especially when it involves swiping copyrighted material and stuff. It’s always possible to strike a balance but I think it’s more of an attitude thing where you have people looking to whinge about something. I even think some are kind of jealous, which I used to be like this.

From a certain standpoint, muscular heroes are way more grounded in reality than flying fatties. If Faith’s any indication, it’s always possible to have a flying fat person (evoking an airship in appearance when you think about it). A flying fat person is an even bigger escapist fantasy than a muscular hero would ever be.

And a lot of people already view actors, musicians and athletes, well any celebrity as larger than life.



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