Taking it seriously

Like I said several times before that if further archaeological evidence about the Continental Celts were to be discovered, it could not only enrich and rewrite prior understandings of Celtic cultures but also in tandem with learning Irish en masse would help other Continental Europeans rediscover it.

Around 40 % or more German men have Celtic Y chromosomes (their MTDNA is Germanic) which I suspect bodes similarly for Swiss and Austrians alike. Perhaps the neighbouring Czechs and Poles to a lesser extent. Add to the alarming possibility that they’d not only recreate earlier Irish/Celtic dress (recalling Ireland’s own Celtic Revival which they’d be similarly influenced) but also embarrass Ireland in using said costumes in Irish dance.

A good number of Germans already learn Scottish Gaelic, Irish’s sibling language and having many more speak Irish would further their Celtic aspirations as some German regions claim Celtic ancestry. It wasn’t Gaulish but still essentially close enough to warrant a revival of sorts.


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