Feral children and dogs

Feral children, especially those raised by dogs like with Miss Oxana Malaya can shed light on human-dog socialisation. It’s one thing to talk about dogs acting like humans, it’s another if it’s the reverse. It could in a way say a lot about the degree of socialisation to humans.

Oxana Malaya is a Ukrainian woman who was raised with dogs throughout her childhood and was generally deprived of human contact until she got older. The fact that she was so heavily socialised to dogs that she had to be rehabilitated just to fit in better with most people after she’d been discovered.

Like I said, owned dogs that spend much of their time outdoors are going to be socialised to humans but not to the same extensive degree their indoor counterparts do and could tend to act semi-feral. They could comprehend human body language but their socialisation isn’t so strong so that would be to an extent.

They’re still social, just not usually so personal.

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