Raising the bar

I’m starting to think that the Jared Shapiro PPG case makes Twilight’s Bella Swan seem awfully tame. The latter was commonly regarded as a Mary Sue but Twilight’s not that derivative of an existing franchise the way PPG 2016 is.

In fact with Jared falling in love with one character and allegedly stated to have no flaws either, he could be one of the first Canon Sues certain people can agree on. An earlier case (which would give further ammunition to Anti-Semites) would be Olicity on Arrow.

Arrow is based on the Green Arrow comics. Keep in mind that Oliver Queen has been considered a Batman rip-off before this programme occurred and even had his Arrowcave. The pairing is commonly regarded by some fans as initially fanfiction before becoming canon.

If Olicity was a fanfiction pairing that got canonised when writers pandered to a specific audience, the Jared Shapiro case would practically be a bad fanfiction in that somebody wrote himself as the heroine’s boyfriend. It wasn’t there in the original cartoon and others have stated there are better fanfiction than this.

But with Jared, we’ve got a proper Canon Sue that’s also similar to the character as originally parodied.


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