Maturity in humour

Like I said before but to elaborate a certain study on the four types of humour, in addition to degree of sociability and self-esteem they are also dependent on the user’s level of maturity. The former two positive humour styles have the maturity to weather through their negative feelings better and thus channeling them into creativity more efficiently.

The latter two try to do the same but haven’t mastered the ability to willing let go of bad feelings. Let alone truly express any other feeling but the same is true for the former. The salient difference is that the former came from a place of experience and willingness to let go. The latter two can’t and that’s why users of the latter unintentionally keep on offending people.

Aggressive humour, from my experience, comes from a place of awkwardly hiding feelings which rarely comes out as honesty and the user never learns to cut down when someone else gets offended. As if they’re still clinging onto something they’re embarrassed about.¬†Positive humour users are earnest, could still offend others but have the maturity to take control of their grudges better.

Again it makes more maturity to admit and let go.


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