Letting go in style

People who use affiliative and self-enhanced humour can admit contempt and anger but don’t use those often to ridicule somebody if because they can let go out of it out of respect and self-control. Maybe not entirely but that indicates the maturity users of aggressive humour lack.

Aggressive humour users, like I suspected, hide negative feelings and use projection to ridicule people without knowing it. A person who would’ve been ridiculed for liking anime would go on to ridicule furries and Bronies. It would be perceived as such by other people who would’ve been affected by it but never learn it.

Aggressive humour is selfish in that it’s used to enhance one’s self but at the expense of others whereas self-defeating humour does the reverse. It could be speaking from experience having been exposed to this type for long and using it myself at times to better understand the sublimated motives.


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