Scottish in Finland

I’m having a weird feeling that if there’s any European country that’ll enthusiastically adopt Scots, it would be Finland. For a long period of time, Finland was part of Sweden so much so that at least some people (especially in Aland) speak Swedish and like Scotland, it’s in close proximity to its coloniser.

Like with Irish in Switzerland, Scots’ adoption and usage in Finland would be detrimental to the survival of some Sami languages and cultures. Careful steps would be taken to minimise that problem. Though Irish in Switzerland would be worse.

Not for the same reason in Ireland however in the former where it’s used to reinvigorate Celtic culture and to stamp out Nazism to the detriment of Romansh. Scots would be used however to enable a profound connection between Scotland and Finland.

If Irish is an invasive species in Switzerland, Scots would be a pet shared between two countries that have agonised under their colonisers. Scots would still pose a problem to the Sami people though.

2 thoughts on “Scottish in Finland

  1. I lived 2 years in the Sami area of Finland.(North Lapland).I was the only Scot up there.I dont think Scots will kill off the Sami language 🙂 The Finns are doing that job already.


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