Further Data

From what I can try to remember, it seems as if at least among the biggest populations in Nigeria Hausa and Igbo people are more likely to own cats without much scrutiny and if there is, it’s either practical or preferential. Yorubas seem to suspect those who own cats for various reasons relating to witchcraft but other Nigerian groups suspect both cats and dogs for the same reason if the Ibibio people are any indication.

Conversely speaking, while Igbos seemingly tolerate cats more than Yorubas they’re somewhat harsher on dog ownership. In one study in Abia, purebred dogs were more likely to be confined and some were slaughtered. In another in Enugu, they were culled and in Anambra forbidden due to a superstition. There seems to be relatively more dog owners especially in the south though the actual extent isn’t known or quantified at this point.

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