Used to distrust cats due to superstitions

Despite wanting to kill one, I had it

Kill all the rats in my compound instead

Still distrusting it but relying on it when

I’m either helpless or bored and needy

Of another solution to recurring problems.

Help from an enemy

Didn’t like cats as I believed

In superstitions but my house

Got a lot of mice in it, don’t

Have money or time to buy

Poisons, getting a cat instead

I am bored and needy as I come

To respect cats for helping me

Get rid of the rodents and

Eventually myself as if I

Started believing in God again.

Musical gamergate

Seeking inspiration is inevitable but in light of a big plagiarism scandal, industry professionals would have to look elsewhere for inspiration and if that’s too high, they can rely on the public domain instead. As strange as it sounds, it becomes likelier for popstars to sing ancient poems or sections from really old stories like ‘Canterbury Tales’ and ‘A Divine Comedy’ which would’ve been unthinkable before.


Logically, musicians that plagiarise will be regarded as untalented and how people feel about them like they do with lip-synchers. The presumption of lacking talent and skill to generate novel ideas. This is a much harsher industry that demands novelty and inspiration from elsewhere. You have to come up with novel melodies to avoid much plagiarism as well.


This means higher standards imposed on future generations to come.

New ideas

I think the upcoming plagiarism scandal will not only ruin the music industry but also change it from the inside out. Heck, it even forces professionals to seek elsewhere for inspiration. Not just in other genres but also media and experiences, which leads to healthy amounts of novelty and innovation.


The only other option would be using the public domain but those that plagiarise are forever stigmatised as untalented. Like I said, the plagarist becomes the logical development of the manufactured musician. This is going to be frightening for many other people because that would mean stepping up and changing themselves to minimise whatever problems they might get into.


In the near future, this is the case.