Blurred Lines

I suppose a huge music plagiarism scandal could change not only the industry but also criteria for good musicianship. From then on, it’s not enough to be able to write your own music but also come up with your own ideas. If that’s too high, there’s always the public domain to fall back on but plagiarism and other unethical methods are big no-nos.


At any rate, folk and choral music become big pop staples for musicians and songwriters who can’t come up with their own ideas  and still don’t want to plagiarise. This is artistically and legally one of the only fields where they can get away with not writing their songs without worrying a lot. This could work to their favour.


But musicians that plagiarise will forever be regarded as untalented and no matter how skilled they are, if they are caught dead plagiarising they are forever regarded as lesser musicians. As harsh as it sounds, it’s inevitable given the growing fear of plagiarism with cases like Ysan Roche becoming better known to the public.

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