Highest Calling

A lesbian walks into his

Church, he’s shocked by

Her but she genuinely

Wants to believe in God

Struggling to comply but

He’ll try to be there for

Her even if she still wants

The company of women

But she also wants God

To be there for her too.

Bad faith

He didn’t like her for being

A witch but sensed that he

Doesn’t want to lose her

Praying for her to be saved

Having her give up on sin

But felt guilty when her dog

Died so he gave her another

And then she found God

Which he’s thankful for.

God in Nigeria

God came to him in Nigeria

As he was going to shoo

Away the cat, God makes

Him take it to a sanctuary

God has no time for such

Superstitions, a witch is

Sinful but is also needy

For God so he gets her

Saved to have her soul

Ascend to Heaven in death.

The Childless Life

Voluntarily childless, didn’t

Want children at all as she

Perused, anthropomorphised

Her pets and living out her

Daydreams but her own pal

Now getting married and

Pregnant looks at her with

Suspicion, the former is too

Carefree and the latter’s too

Traditional for her own good

Going through separate paths


Where is God

Where is God in all this

Emptiness, finding an

Animal thinking it’s

A witch but even if it’s

A witch it still needs

Salvation like any other

Jesus did the same with

A prostitute, others will

Do the same with their

Own pet peeves.