Somebody wrote about the problem with introducing Cable onscreen is that his backstory is complicated. For starters, he’s the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey’s doppelganger (who is just as complicated as he is). He got experimented on and became sick before he was sent to the future. He became an old man and kept on time travelling and associating himself with various groups.

His friend Deadpool might’ve started similarly but it’s easy to describe him as cheeky with a tendency to break the fourth wall and putting out catchphrases like chimichanga (he only liked the dish’s name, not the dish itself). To make matters worse, his sibling Rachel and doppelganger Nate Grey are similar. Rachel predated both of them, flitted between teams and is also a time traveller. Nate Grey came from an alternate universe and all three of them seem to age faster than their parents do.

Unsurprisingly, they seldom make appearances outside of comics. Should Cable appear onscreen, albeit live action he’d probably become likeĀ Supergirl*. Supergirl is Superman’s cousin and female counterpart but her own presentation in comics is so complicated and mercurial that writers are just left with making her Superman in drag on telly. The cinematic Cable would be an amalgamation of all three Summers children and could come off as a butch Jean Grey if they forgo the virus thing.

*Speaking of Supergirl, her alt-universe doppelganger Power Girl seems older and is also complicated. One could say that Power Girl is to Cable as what Supergirl is to Nate Grey. This would make Jean Grey Superman. Save for that Cable predated Nate but it’s spot-on.