Telephone Call

I felt upset at someone. I trusted him but he went missing and sometimes he didn’t like following him. I thought he knew everything. I worried about him not liking my dog and he really didn’t. But I kept on looking for him, wandering around and asking people.

‘Have you seen him, officer?’

‘No but what does he look like?’

‘He’s dressed in khakis and is short.’

‘I don’t remember that.’

‘Damn it!’


I felt sad so I had to call God.

‘God…I’m missing a friend. I’ve been looking for him. Wish you could return him.’

I ended up in church, having to look after rabbits.


I don’t like rabbits but I have nothing better to do. I keep on feeding them vegetables to pass the time. I still want my friend back so I look at the clock.


I’m not so fond of cats either but I have to feed them and clean up their crap. Again he didn’t arrive but I have to have something better to do.


Then he knocked at the door and I was glad to have him back but he sneezed so I closed it for him and we went out. Thank God he returned though he’d run away from my dog when we’d get home and he’d also eye-roll at my puppies. But he also gave me a Bible, which I felt relieved and I trusted God ever since.

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