Stop the Uncle Tom Madness

Like I said, Shawn James gave a pass for what’s practically a black stereotype. James Olsen is really a glorified Uncle Tom in that he mostly exists to assist Kara and you don’t see him hang out with other blacks so often. It’s very much like the way Uncle Toms are portrayed in that they’re differential and loyal to their white counterparts as to be their pets and helpmeets (which is what James did).


However some fans would think he’s selfish for wanting to spend more time with his own family (specifically an orphaned relative) even though that ironically makes him more important and interesting. James is now a character people don’t necessarily like but can relate to. There are orphans and single parent families. James is going to be in that camp. If he’s played by an unusually pale black character (it happens due to a defect), he’d be very nonstereotypical.


Too bad fans would rather stick to a stereotype than to an iconoclastic type.

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