Tired of him

Shawn James is a writer that I follow but I increasingly disagree with his opinions and why I’m starting to think he’s got a really screwy idea of what a woman and relationship should be like. Not necessarily because he lacks dating experience but because his expectations are weirdly unrealistic. I do have my own unrealistic expectations but I’m generally not too open about it when it comes to romantic relationships at this point.


I wouldn’t say he has a fetish but he still has a peculiar idea of what a woman should be like given the probability of finding one that fits his requirements and stuff. It’s either he needs to be more open and change himself to attract more women or simply just lose interest if none of them match his ideals. There are Goth women who’re also feminists/SJWs, which jar with his standards.


You can have a girl next door type who’s also a demanding bitch and women who instill traditional values but are really bossy. Ad infinitum. His real problem has to do with finding an ideal but if it doesn’t exactly fit in one way or another it’s idealised to begin with anyways.

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