Haunting her

Lady Gaga is one of those musicians that tend to be overhyped or made to be more than what they really are, ignoring flaws and attracting haters. It’s not that she’s untalented but she’s overhyped at the expense of others who are on par with her and that she herself makes mistakes at the things she does. It’s also easy to doubt her and why it’s that easy to accuse her of plagiarism.


The things that she (and Madonna) does don’t exist in a vacuum as they have their precedents and alleged influences. Even at the height of her career, some found her fishy and it’s unsurprisingly regardless if she plagiarised from Ysan Roche, Azealia Banks or Lina Morgana some of her stuff isn’t new before and still isn’t today.


However in light of the revelation over Ysan Roche (who predated her) and Banks’s remarks, it opens up about Lady Gaga’s own failings. Even if she never intended to plagiarise, Gaga still fails but her mistakes jar with public expectations of her which will only worsen over time. This puts her in a really bad position and would probably haunt music for long.

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