Brothers together

Jimmy and Conner band

Together as they landed

Jimmy handles Conner.


Their parents died

Jimmy tried his best

Staying out of the sun.


Not letting Conner be

Shunned, never forgetting

As they’re family forever.


Jimmy had to protect Conner

After detecting something bad

Glad to be together but still

Sad at their parents’ demise.


Conner had to give Jimmy

An umbrella as he’s living

With albinism, paler than

Most but never failing to parent.

Black and Pale

Jimmy stood out badly

Nobody understood it

Mad at what they did

Sad for what he suffered.


He had to buffer away

A day to look after Conner

Reading a braille book

Hooked since childhood.


Jimmy had to put on

Sunscreen and he’s

Glad to have an umbrella

Landing with his sibling.

Good Man

Jimmy’s a good man

Giving food to Conner

Becoming his guardian

Warding off intruders.


Jimmy was blind

Tried not to stay behind

He can’t betray his brother

He’s both his father and mother.