Religion without organisation

One wouldn’t doubt that animism and shamanism predated organised religion. There are some cases where organised religion itself incorporates folk beliefs, animism and philosophy to form an interesting ideology.


Folk beliefs can be part of cultural nationalism in a way, preserving and practising such customs onto the present day despite a myriad scientific advancements. Likewise you have religions that blur the line between ideology and faith.


Buddhism does that but so did Christianity when it incorporated Greek cynicism onto Jewish monotheism. So does Taoism with surprisingly scientific insight applied to shamanism.


Note that these are organised religions so it’s inevitable that they’ll have a stronger ideological, shamanic and philosophical bent than fandoms do. But it’s coincidental that the rise in fandom and celebrity worship coincided with the decline in organised religion.


Not that there’s anything wrong with those. But realistically you’ll find more meaning in an organised religion than with cartoons and musicians. At least that usually gives you a stronger conscience.


Organised religion has its problems but so do fandom and celebrity worship syndrome. There’s instant gratification, which the latter two thrive on. Not to mention less meaningful in the long run.

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