Timing for anime communities

Another reason why so many other anime fan communities are slow to accept database consumption the way their East Asian counterparts did is because they’re relatively younger and farther from the source.


That’s especially the case with European and American communities where a good number of them have a preference for clear storylines and worldbuilding over categorising and popularising appealing traits.


There are websites that show database consumption in practise like Danbooru, Zerochan, Tumblr, DeviantART, 4Chan and Sankaku Complex but there’s bound to be several others that emphasise plot, ideology and worldbuilding.


A number of western nerd communities like worldbuilding, which is an aspect I don’t get myself but worldbuilding is closer to what others call a grand narrative. The idea of immersing yourself in an ideology based around a story instead of extracting data from it to produce your own.


Database consumption would be closer to remixing and copypasting certain appealing things. You build up a catalogue of what you like and remix them in whatever manner. It’s already happening with 4Chan thread archives and the like but it has yet to become common like in Japan.

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