A fight over moe

Moe is the feeling of being strongly attached to certain traits and preferences. This leads to categorising characters with such traits, which is what the writer Hiroki Azuma had in mind. Someone who’s moe for muscular male characters will not only fetishise but also categorise them.


Same thing goes for any other preference to put it kindly. But database consumption, while becoming influential, isn’t so well-received in other circles not just elsewhere but also in Japan to some extent.


You have people sneering at others for making lovers and spouses out of fictional characters, as if they continue their obsessions to startling levels. Not to mention associated merchandise.


Database consumption might be enjoyed by overseas anime fans. But the only regional fanbases that wholly embraced these are in China and Korea, given their proximity to Japan as well as sharing similar traditions and mindsets to an extent.


Others might catch up soon enough though there’d still be a fight over what’s moe or not.

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