Don’t be too preachy

Regardless if it’s conservative fundamentalist or feminist SJW, a story that preaches too much and tries too hard to reveal its message isn’t just insincere but also needless and annoying.


Users at Project After criticised the programme Steven Universe for hiding weak writing with a well-intentioned but forced message. Similar things can be said of Supergirl though a number of SJWs don’t like it either.


But it’s telling how they depict the characters and the way fans react to them. Out of all the black characters on Steven Universe, it’s Garnet that gets the most attention.


Not Nanifua and her family even though they’re actually more relatable. Both Supergirl and Steven Universe involve interracial friendships but would backfire if one of them’s more average.


It’s pretty coincidental that they’re both SJW honeypots with a lot of female characters, non-threatening male characters save for the villains, hamfisted feminism and interracial dating.


If Supergirl gets replaced by a Christian conservative Superboy, it’ll still be preachy and annoying. It’s like the Horseshoe Theory where two opposing parties are very similar.


Not that there’s anything wrong but it should be subtler to have better writing shine through.

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