Bracing for the next

If and when DC does start seriously publishing webcomics, not only will it introduce and modify parts of New 52 and the Berlanti productions but also reboot everything and expunge everything including the TV productions used to pre-empt them.


If Flash has a depowered detective Barry Allen and Supergirl features a Kon-El who’s really James Olsen’s brother, they’ll make it to the webcomics albeit different from TV.


Star Wars fans have been fretting over a reboot and what became of their favourite franchise after the fact. They could learn from DC fans when it comes to reboots and vice versa when it comes to the biggest reboot to date.


The Star Wars fandom is split over what’s canon and what was. I suspect that’s similar to what became of superhero fandom and something they should learn from together.


A webcomics DCverse would not only attract even more people who aren’t that into superheroes, let alone fiction especially on social media but might become the main priority.


If that ever happens, we’d get casual readers who enjoy webcomics and hardcore types enjoying telly and cinematic productions sort of like a reversal seen in Star Wars fandom.

What’s with Winn?

The only character more annoying and disappointing than Supergirl herself is Winn Schott. Consider this, out of all the characters shouldn’t it be Supergirl who should become her own woman as she gets marginalised and redundant real easily?


Not only by Superman and even Power Girl and Superboy but also Miss Martian and Starfire who sometimes out-Supergirl her. Whatever attempts to turn her into her own character (or close to something very different) tend to be brief though well-intentioned.


Winn Schott’s problem is different. Rather than being at risk of redundancy, he’s so annoying he makes Jar Jar Binks look appropriate in comparison.


He’s a sidekick with the intention of wanting to date Supergirl. Note that many other sidekicks, unless if they really are lovers, don’t do this. Jimmy doesn’t do that with Superman and neither does Robin with Batman.


Bucky doesn’t do that with Captain America. Heck Kamala Khan doesn’t do that with Carol Danvers either. But they keep on doing this to further a love triangle, which doesn’t work.


Heck they should’ve just made Winn a villain. They were really going for it but didn’t so he’s stuck being an annoying asshole.

Split paths again

Since the 70s and 80s, superhero comics leads a life separate from most superhero media though we’re seeing more and more superhero productions increasingly aimed at uncritical adults who never outgrew superheroes.


But the intrusion of webcomics could only intensify and ossify this path though superficially it’d be a change in paradigm. In here, webcomics take priority due to their popularity on social media while their televised counterparts come to heavily cater to obsessive fans.


In fact, these same programmes are used to pre-empt webcomics. For instance if Barry Allen becomes a depowered punk detective on TV, his forthcoming webcomic should do the same.


Likewise Supergirl reveals that Kon-El is James’s brother and the forthcoming webcomic does the same. It’s a scenario where the new boss is the same as the old boss.


Hardcore fans tune in on television and begrudgingly bear byzantine continuity and shock value while casual fans read and share webcomics online. If DC does this, it’s going to be the case when it happens.

The advantages of webcomics

If DC decided to reboot its comics online, it would be a good thing. Not only will they fight piracy they will find a far wider audience as they could discover stuff on their own. I think that’s something both DC and Marvel misunderstand.


Or rather superhero fandom. What if those outsiders are perfectly capable of finding things for things? It’s not like they hate comics, many more of them don’t have time for it.


They do when they feel like it. Observe the popularity of newspaper strips. Also if DC was honest in targeting wider audiences online, it’d have to be this up to date with what most of them are interested in.


Which means not only a new paradigm but also new influences. Turning The Flash into a detective drama is a good place to start, especially when it’s used to pre-empt a more successful webcomic.


Despite the popularity of superheroes, crime novels are perennially popular and might even be a easier sell to non-fans. If the Flash webcomic featured Detective Barry Allen, it’s going to win a lot more people who aren’t that into superheroes to begin with.


Now that’s something DC will find profitable.

She’s lost control again

As I’ve warned before, the presence of Superboy would cause the Supergirl programme to self-destruct based on why Supergirl tends to get marginalised real easily and made redundant by similar characters.


From a certain standpoint, she’s not only stuck in Superman’s shadow but is also joined by similar characters like Miss Martian. No doubt that she fought a Starfire but the Starfire many people recognise is an awkward but good-hearted alien woman like her.


One might get the weird impression that on television Starfire out-Supergirls Supergirl at least when she was presented on the Teen Titans cartoon and again why it took so long for Supergirl to show up in the TT stories at all.


Much less actually join them. It says a lot about the problems with Supergirl and why nobody bothered to come up with a permanent solution to make her do a Nightwing.


Out of all the characters, shouldn’t it be Supergirl who’s got to become her own person? She has yet to defeat her personal demon of redundancy, which has haunted her from the start.


If she doesn’t defeat it, it’ll continue to haunt her as it’ll destroy the programme for good.

Something’s not right

Mike Smith’s anti-Supergirl essay continues to be weirdly relevant because it not only addresses Supergirl’s problems but also the new programme writ large.


He made a number of good points like her backstory being similar to Clark’s but more complicated (which is why she took a longer time to appear onscreen than Batgirl, Black Canary and Wonder Woman did).


Almost every Supergirl story and scenario can be easily replaced with another character. I swear both Matrix Supergirl and Kon-El were cut from the same cloth and if Kon-El appears on Supergirl, he’ll be another person for James Olsen to latch and overprotect.


She also tends to get marginalised easily which is why she took a long time to appear outside of comics. That’s also the same reason why Superboy has so much continuity problems.


It’s like writers can’t make up their minds so they habitually rewrite their personalities and histories only to rehash prior problems. They might as well be made redundant by Superman himself.


That’s partly why Supergirl has declining ratings as people are starting to see it for what it really is. It also would’ve been better if it had a male lead because it feels like a ripoff.


Due to the problems with redundancy, it’ll cause the programme to sabotage itself when Superman and Superboy finally show up at all.

The problem with Winn Schott

The only character more annoying (and depressing) than Supergirl is Winn Schott. I’ve been saying all along that Supergirl needs to be her own woman to avoid being in Superman’s shadow for long.


Not only that, she has yet to fight her greatest foe which is redundancy. Because you could replace Supergirl with another similar character and it wouldn’t change much.


She can be more than that which is why her battle with redundancy is the greatest Supergirl story never told. She continually confronts or is surrounded by similar characters.


With Winn Schott one can only go so far with the love triangle angle. If they’re serious about it, they should make Winn Schott the misogynistic bad boy who sees and treats Supergirl as a plaything, then abuses her if she refuses his.


This never happens which is why we’re stuck with a lovestuck asshole who has yet to be a nasty badass. Which sucks.


Then again there are some Winn Schotts that are done right, which says a lot about what should be done about him. Not to mention he was going to be evil.


Again this never happened and we’re going to stick with the mopey asshole.