Fanservice and writing quality

I’m not talking about cheesecake and beefcake but the other sort of fanservice that relies on validating and satisfying one’s prior knowledge of things and expectations of cliches.


There’s nothing wrong with changing things and it’s also understandable to feel upset over them but the biggest problems I have is how and why some people tend to elide fanservice with good storytelling.


There was an article over whether or not superfans get to critics and while Roger Ebert’s a film fan, he’s objective enough to criticise their quality on their own terms not if they satisfy his tastes or not.


Lately the superfans have taken over with critics and studios bending over to them. In a way it takes away objectively good storytelling. It can’t be good unless if it satisfies their selfish fan desires, not if it’s good on its own.


That’s probably why I get skeptical over stuff like Flash and Supergirl. They’re entertaining in their own right but not when they both resort to stupid cliches and insult people’s intelligence and conscience.


I think that’s partly why Flash’s ratings are generally low and why Supergirl’s in decline. If they were objectively good or at least appealing to most people this wouldn’t be the case but sadly is and that’s their own undoing.

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