Body Types in Cartooning

I’ve been writing about this for some time now but this time it’s going to be refined. It’s based on a number of observations in cartooning though they can also be applied to anime.


There are teenager characters and while they do come in a variety of bodies, this diversity doesn’t happen much in cartooning for some reason. No doubt deviations do exist but they just prove the rule.


Ripped characters are invariably mesomorphic though not all cartoonists draw them to be this way. Muscled but also strong-boned and broad shouldered at that. Sometimes shown with huge muscles at that.


There are muscled ectomorphs and ectomesomorphs but in they’re often made younger for some odd reason. Similar reasons why in superhero comics, smaller breasted women have to be younger even if it’s not always the case in reality.


Fat characters exist though they’re easily marginalised and there aren’t enough stories of them as interesting characters, even as protagonists. Finally there isn’t much diversity among females and they’re often either willowy or wide-hipped and bosomy.


Which is why buff, hairy and/or fat women stand out the most. In real life, that’s partly due to social conditioning and stuff.

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