Reboot 40k

Warhammer 40k is well-known for giving us something special: purging what appears to be heresy. People purge heresy because it offends the Emperor or something since I’m not that knee deep in 40k lore.


But considering the Star Wars reboot drama, it’s safe to say that the Lucasfilm staff have deemed the old Expanded Universe heretical at behalf of the Emperor of Disney, which is why they purged it.


Even George Lucas isn’t that beholden exempting the films. Or in 40k terms, he knows that the (former) Expanded Universe is heresy. Now imagine if DC decides to axe everything when it discovers webcomics.


Before it happens, DC starts treating the telly productions as dumping grounds for forthcoming webcomics. If Barry Allen becomes a detective after getting depowered and Kon-El turns out to be James Olsen’s brother on TV, they’ll pop up in the webcomics as well.


When the webcomics start overshadowing the programmes on social media and mobiles, which leads to DC axing not only the floppies but also the programmes not unlike what Lucasfilm did.


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