The New Superman

Kal-El is the classic version of Superman but he’s definitely not the first to be called such. His own original authors had a version of Superman who was bald and evil to boot. Not to mention that he himself was preceded by Doctor Occult and Doc Savage, whose own posse is said to have inspired the Fantastic Four.

Given that he and related characters have been treated like crap by DC so badly they might as well be reinvented into or replaced by something else altogether. As Bruce Timm’s ‘Gods and Monsters’ are any indication, Kal-El needs to be replaced by someone else.

Rather than being taken as a statement against Superman, it’s addressing the problems plaguing the Superman franchise and what will happen if such changes did take place. At any rate when Supergirl introduces Kon-El as James Olsen’s brother, DC introduces a Superboy webcomic and potentially turn him into the new Superman.

This has happened before but this time it’s going to stick and it’ll be canon. It’ll be as canon as depowered punk detective Barry Allen is. With the New 52 being the draft and the Berlanti productions becoming infomercials for a successful webcomic, this is going to be DC’s final and most drastic reboot from now on.

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