Replacing Kal-El

As said before, it’s not so much about hating Kal-El but rather realising that he’s very wasted and expendable. Writers really have nothing interesting to do with him that he might as well be replaced. Superman (and any Super character) losing their powers isn’t new, that’s been done before as early as an unpublished Superman story goes.

Both Supergirl and Superboy either have lost their powers or got them reduced before, perhaps several times over. At this point, somebody needs to do something new and different to the Superman franchise. I even think Superman really needs a reboot, right down to the concept.

It’s also safe to say that every attempt at renewing and expanding the Superman franchise and concept feels like a gimmick. Not just in the comics but also onscreen. So far we have a junior Superman programme four times, a female Superman programme, Superman in a slice of life setting, cartoon Superman and a darker, edgier Superman.

It would be very radical to not only get rid of all the other Supers and Kryptonians, even making Krypton entirely gone for good but also bring in a replacement or heir. If the Gods and Monsters film is any indication, a new take on Superman would involve replacing Kal-El with someone else.

Perhaps it’s about time to retire Kal-El just to renew the Superman franchise.

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