Following Anime’s Lead

Superhero fatigue draws closer and could change the superhero genre’s direction forever, possibly making it parallel anime all the more. Both of them have bifurcated markets since the 70s. OVAs, Comic Market and Direct Market are for hardcore fans. TV programmes, magazines sales and book sales are for casual readers and viewers alike.

Considering Supergirl’s declining ratings, it could take a cue or two from Evangelion. First it introduces two Superboys, the first is Kon-El being James Olsen’s little brother. It generates so much controversy that Supergirl’s continually greeted with death threats which gets carried over to the Flash and Arrow.

Then all three of them move to late night timeslots and become infomercials for more successful webcomics. This has happened to anime before and if these happen, expect that to be carried over to superhero television.

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