Crashing down

Superhero media will have its Evangelion moment in Supergirl. For those who don’t know, Evangelion’s a controversial cartoon due to its botched ending and increasingly graphic content that got it re-aired at a much later timeslot.


Not to mention its equally controversial 1997 film. (The same thing can be said of it predecessor and influence, Ideon.) It also received death threats when it was drawing to a close.


Here’s what will happen. Considering Supergirl’s declining ratings, it’s going to pull an Evangelion. Rather than introducing Kal-El, producers will have Kon-El turn out to be James Olsen’s baby brother.


To make matters worse, they introduce another Superboy. This leads to so many death threats on set that the programme gets moved to a later timeslot and Flash and Arrow do the same.


Especially with punk detective Barry Allen and masturbating Felicity Smoak. From then on, Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad bomb the box office putting an end to the superhero fad for eternity.

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