The end

As I said elsewhere, the trajectory where superhero television and cinema are heading is starting to resemble that of their comics counterpart and in a manner that makes you wonder whether or not superhero fatigue is ever going to take off. It can be argued that there’s already superhero fatigue in the comics market with some of the most widely read and sold comics not at all relating to superheroes.

You still have comic strip collections but also stuff like Ninjago actually outselling superhero comics well outside of specialty shops and I tend to see lots of graphic novels/trade paperbacks in the bookstores I go to though they’re not particularly cheap.

I think the direct market more or less set up superhero fatigue in comics early on where it started catering to a narrow niche, then resorting to stupid gimmicks and crossing, oversaturating the place with one too many superhero titles before crashing and now have become very desperate for both quality and attention.

In those days, superhero comics developed a very complicated storytelling based around one’s prior knowledge of stories and continuity based around multiple titles. I think superhero television and cinema have been following suit since the DCAU and the Marvel cartoons of the 1990s.

You have a growing emphasis on insider knowledge, continuity and shared universes followed up by oversaturation, neverending reiterations of the same characters and stories only sleazier and weirder, fan pandering and an incoming decline.

The downfall could happen too soon if The CW and similar networks ended up repeating the same disastrous mistakes that destroyed superhero comics a score ago. Otherwise we’d have to contend with a disco wide backlash against superheroes if it weren’t for Punk Rock Barry Allen and Faplicity Smoak.

There was an adaptation of this 1990s comics series called Wildcats whose publisher ended up getting swallowed by DC and given its millieu in dark, edgy comics it would eventually come to full circle if CW resorted to stupid gimmicks at all.

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