As I said before, if DC and Marvel were ever to seriously capitalise on and popularise the webcomics market they’d end up having to appeal to different markets across the world. DC’s location in the West Coast would have it exploit the Asia Pacific region while Marvel would focus on Europe and to some extent, Africa.

This would get complicated by the factors involving digital comics sales. If DC and Marvel were to make the move to webcomics, we have to take the digital comics market into consideration. Some of Marvel’s best-selling digital comics appeal to the dreaded ‘SJW’ audience found on Tumblr and the like.

Those kinds of people, while emerging in number, are still a niche. Then we have to bring up potentially kid-unfriendly stuff like Deadpool. As Marvel’s owned by Disney, if they’re ever going to exploit the kids’ webcomics market they’d risk destroying their public image.

Otherwise such a controversy would force Marvel to heavily focus on fairy tales, Star Wars, Disney characters and less shock content. DC would be poised to take advantage of that market, being home to a wider variety of characters and genres.

DC has superheroes, MAD, Looney Tunes, Vertigo and the like. Out of the big two, DC could easily take advantage of a new market especially in Asia and not risk losing their appeal to both audiences. I could be more biased towards DC but this changes could come soon enough.

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