I don’t know everything

As I mentioned in a post before, I humbly admitted to not being that knowledgeable in other things and I could still be a newbie or beginner. I don’t know much about animals other than my own despite learning a lot to gain an insight on something but even that’s still pretty limited. I have yet to take time to learn a new language.

I could call myself an animal lover but still be pretty limited in my interests and experiences. So I can’t claim to know everything when I only care and experienced some, only a few that I know extensively. I could call myself a dog nerd but I’m restricted by what I know and care about personally especially when it comes to stray dogs and mongrels.

I’m smart but there’s a lot of other things to learn and care about and I’ll be limited or restricted in one way or another. I could change my mind but not in the meantime and I’m just admitting my shortcomings.

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