Dunning Kruger Effect, AKA Know It All Disease

Dunning Kruger Effect is a case where a person sometimes acts as if s/he knows everything despite being rather limited and even I myself have been through it. Dunning Kruger Effect tends to occur in people who over-inflate their rudimentary and moderate knowledge and skills in the things they should know better.

Some dog breeders and dog owners get pissed over loud activists who are obsessed with dog health and breeding practises. Some breeders are already correcting this problem and dog owners do similarly. A lot of dog owners own mongrels and mixed breeds. No doubt that there are questionable breeding practises but some owners and breeders know and do better than what the accusations suggest.

Some of these activists act as if they’re authorities on dogs and sometimes wildlife. They do know a lot more about dogs and wildlife than most people do but they’re not really dog experts. Sometimes they have far less interest in animals than what they and their followers like to believe in.

Sometimes other than their own but you get the point. They really don’t have any real extensive experience with and interest in animals beyond what they know. I would do anything to hang out at foreign language websites to want to learn more about dogs and dog-related problems over there though I’d have to brush up my foreign language skills to get the full experience if machine translations don’t suffice.

I’m interested in dogs, have experiences with and witnesses them but I don’t have much experience with any dog other than my own. I have an interest in wildlife but I don’t have much extensive experience with either. I’m being very humble and I don’t want to come off as a wildlife or dog expert because I’m really not.

But then again there is going to be the know-it-all dog owner who thinks s/he knows a lot of dogs but is often restricted to a few things and have so little extensive experience in any other dog and dog breeder. S/he can be narrow-minded, despite knowing more than John L Random does.

As what Ruffly Speaking pointed out, these people meant well but can’t tolerate dissenting opinions and surprisingly can’t tolerate other dogs. Again this is a breeder with a mind of his/her own so it’s inevitable that s/he is not only asserting her opinion but her experiences and sentiments as well.

Perhaps we need more people to weed out the know-it-alls because they genuinely want to learn more and better. The know-it-alls will crow the loudest but the more sensible, learnt ones will always be in search of something better.

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