Superhero fatigue setting in

There has been reports about the recent Fantastic Four film flopping. The other one with Silver Surfer didn’t do any better either. Not that the Fantastic Four is a bad concept on screen since there were at least three cartoons featuring them before that did well enough. (Maybe I’m not that smart.) And that the Fantastic Four comics used to sell lots of copies, which is saying something.

Who knows if superheroes are actually declining since the second Avengers film underperformed in comparison to the original. It may be marginal but it might be onto something. Growing numbers of people, including myself, are getting tired of superheroes. One can get a feeling that the staff are trying to delay this by making more unconventional superheroes though who knows if it might make matters worse.

A wanking Felicity Smoak and a punk rock detective Barry Allen could be seen as gimmicks that provoke people for weeks on end but ultimately say a lot about how rapidly quality has fallen in those programmes. Not only that but it’s a sign that people are actually getting bored of it. Those gimmicks may hold their interest but that might accidentally end the market for superheroes for good.

A bass wielding punk Barry is the only thing superhero media needs to salvage itself but that would also be its own undoing.

Why anime fandom has lots of lolcows

Not all anime fans are lolcows but many of them are especially if they believe in delusions about either the anime industry, Japan or mixing ideology with fandom. The very last is a bad practise. Okay, a lot of fandoms have perverts and weirdos in them but anime fandom in particular has a lot of room for those if you bring up Tsutomu Miyazaki.

Anime fandom is a breeding ground for people with rather skewered ideas of what Japanese society is like and what those industries are like. In reality, the anime and manga industry in Japan isn’t doing well in the long run due to a countrywide problem with too little youth and immigrants to sustain population growth. Several European countries don’t have that many youngsters but they compensate by allowing immigrants in.

Japan and by extension much of East Asia are hostile to foreigners though similar things and phenomena can be found outside of that region. Some countries and cultures are more xenophobic than others though, with Japan being in this category. Not to mention that in Japan, you’d be better off hiding your power level offline. Japan and East Asia in general have a strongly conformist society where you have to save face to protect not only yourself but your peers’ honour.

So Japan, despite its odd subcultures, is a very conformist society. Homosexuals face discrimination only due to the Japanese need for conformity. I used to have naive ideas about Japan. I have yet to go there but having been to several Japanese language sites, there is a lot of things that either get misinterpreted or missed out in Western anime and Japanophile communities.

Several other anime fans misinterpret Japanese culture, given that anime is usually their first exposure to it. Sometimes vidya, comics and movies but it goes back to anime as a reference point. While I’m no expert in Japanese culture, many foreigners can be in denial about Japan’s economy and how its decline has affected anime sometimes for the worse such as the spread of the moe cancer.

There is a lot of misinformation spread in anime fandom to the point where everything is accepted as fact. For instance, a lot of Western yaoi fans think that Japan is empowering for women looking for smut when in reality Japan isn’t and the socioeconomic conditions may sometimes worsen existing problems. They also don’t know that everywhere else there is smut for women and usually that’s romance novels.

Several of them are pretty ignorant not just about Japan and anime but also about other countries which might not be much better off on average, might be worse or even better. Actually, even Koreaboos have this problem if it weren’t for imported programmes and boy bands. Ironically Sweden qualifies better than either Korea and Japan do but not too many nerds go crazy for it. Misinformation, often done by distortion and selectiveness, more or less shaped anime and Korean wave fandom sometimes for the worst.

Crimson Curse

The Flash is heading for pretty drastic changes. Changes so drastic that it leads to a neverending controversy. The protagonist becomes a detective who is a tribute to the Clash and in a way that puts off everybody. For every person who thinks this is good, there are others who think this is sacrilegious and several more think it’s a cynical publicity stunt.

This would make the Clash the biggest music laughingstock by the vice of associating itself with a (former) superhero. Much like the 70s disco backlash, people will hate the Clash for representing the Flash in a very blatant manner. A band that sold-out to one of the biggest media corporations by having the Flash turn into a glorified Clash advert.

A headspining controversy that is enough to make Joe Strummer turn in his grave. The strong association not only prompts a meme and cynical advertising but also causes later artists to make Barry look like Paul Simonon and Jay like Strummer. Unsurprising in S2, the Flash wields a bass guitar to compensate for not being fast enough anymore. People at imageboards like 4Chan are ready to Clash Flash apart.

Who knows what would happen if this really came true.

She said she liked puppies

Digging up old information from html websites, they do shed some light on what she said in one USATODAY interview. In some of those profiles, Britney Spears said that her favourite animal is puppy and she tends to like smaller dogs. It should be noted that in some of these sites, she had a Rottweiler though who knows if it was a puppy at the time.

And who knows if she got scared of dogs after buying two German Shepherds. A better question is if she had changed preferences or not. But it’s safe to say that while she didn’t exactly specify the timing, her preference for puppies (and smaller dogs) is related to her experience with getting bitten by other dogs.

It’s also safe to say when she photographed her son posing with a Retriever, she would have tolerated it and like any mother whose child is playing with a strange animal she would have allowed it for awhile. She also didn’t photograph herself posing with it so that clears things up.

Who will play Detective Barry Allen

I said several times before that drastic, even damning changes are coming to the Flash. One of them being the possibility that in S2 Barry will become a detective after losing his powers. The problem is whether or not the actor behind the character can live up to it. He can but will he?

I haven’t watched his performances though who knows if he can pull off a role where the character (Barry) deals with a life-changing event where he has to move on from being a superhero. Maybe yes. Maybe no. He’s not untalented but who knows if he can play a superhero turned detective.

Barry might not be the first superhero turned detective. There was one from Marvel called Jessica Jones who’s like this. Barry could at the very least be a very infamous example of one, albeit if the Flash writers decide to insert Clash jokes every now and then in S2 starting with him using a bass guitar.

Again who knows if Grant Gustin could pull this off too. He can sing and dance though who knows if he does method acting. One might doubt his ability to play a character undergoing drastic changes in S2. Not that he’s bad, he might not adjust well to Barry becoming a bass-wielding detective immediately. But then again it remains to be seen.

Observations on body types

Here’s the thing about body types in cartooning. Even if they’re not exaggerated, there will be some nuances missed out in body type representation. If a character is muscular, he will also broad-shouldered and deep-chested. Even if he doesn’t have bulging muscles, as long as he’s robust-looking and broad-shouldered he looks imposing and manly.

There are slim, narrow-shouldered and ripped types in real life but in cartooning they almost always default to either runners (sprinters, footballers and rugby players are very buff and powerful) or commonly teenagers. The lack of broad-shoulders among male characters gives an air of youthfulness. Broad shoulders indicate manliness.

Likewise even if a female character doesn’t have large breasts but if she has wide hips and a slim waist she will look very feminine. It may not be the intent but wider hips indicate femininity, sometimes better than having bigger breasts though the presence of wide hips would either balance out the size or make it look smaller.

That’s the odd thing I noticed in comics and cartoons whereas in live action productions tend to be relatively random in determining body types. Actors like Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin could make themselves buff but usually you can tell that they’re not naturally powerful by looking at their bone structure. Musclemen in comics and cartoons are almost always mesomorphs if it weren’t for their strong bones.

It’s weird when you start realising it.

I did it..with the help of someone

I have been making skirts several months ago. I don’t know where my black and red floral skirt went though I don’t remember bringing it elsewhere outside of this house either.

But moving on from that I had some of them completed with the help of someone. I don’t know how to put on the waistband myself to be honest and I don’t know if I can really do it on my own since she’s away.

But with her help I completed two skirts. Another two are to go. All I need to do is to look for the other waistband, even if that makes me really pissed if I can’t find them immediately. Maybe with more patience and practise I can make it.