Wolfaboos and wolf nerds are no different from anime fans except even more pretentious and crazier. When I mean by that, they should know better by then but a lot of wolfaboos and wolf nerds are narrowminded types. Not caring about other endangered animals like reptiles pet a few concerns.

A lot more reptiles are critically endangered than there are wolves. But the concern for them isn’t big even if their suffering is worse. Even odder still is that some reptiles were historically revered, in a sense that they were charismatic megafauna. It’s been said that Western dragons are based on snakes and Chinese dragons from alligators.

Their reputation wasn’t always good but they were heavily invoked not only in religious allergy and alchemy but also medicine, heraldy and divinity especially with characters like Hermes/Mercury. Dogs and wolves did have historical reverence but their reputation was usually lowlier.

Not only were dogs used in medieval medicine but were at some point aligned with the Devil as some stories have him appearing as a black dog. The Bible often depicted dogs in a negative manner. They were even mass exterminations carried out on dogs in the Middle Ages. Even today in places where there are still stray dogs, people will find ways to thin their numbers.

Other countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Austria aren’t much better. Not because they have stray dogs but because lots of people poison them often. Heck some people in France, Italy, Poland and Israel think that stray dogs are even worse than wolves as they kill more livestock than the latter do. Around 500,000 sheep in France are killed by stray dogs opposed to 30,000 in the UK.

Snakes and crocodiles not only bear the brunt of having their numbers thinned out in the wild, sometimes due to poaching, superstitious medicine and exotic pet trades but also get skinned in farms. I’m sure there are people who feel bad for them but it’s not vocal enough to drown the support for wolves.

Not that I have anything against wolves but I’m pointing out that wolves aren’t the only animals with a maligned reputation, elsewhere dogs are maligned. Not just in places where there are stray dogs but also in parts of Europe where there is no justification for poisoning them rather often.

To give you an example of how stupid some people are when it comes to history. The Baiji dolphin went extinct several years ago but even before that people were cloning specimens hoping to find a way to bring them back. There was a reported sighting of the Baiji dolphin in 2008 though it remains to be seen whether or not the Baiji dolphins will live again via cloning.

Just as Chinese alligators were revered and transformed into dragons, the emblem of China for years the Baiji dolphin was deified as Erya the river goddess or a princess who turned into one. In terms of international popularity and concern in recent years, they have been overshadowed by the Giant Panda.

The list goes on and on with a certain Vietnamese turtle going extinct due to a shortage of females and despite being similarly revered and deified. Even the dugong was seen as a divinity to some islanders and similar things can be said of snakes, sharks, crocodiles and turtles.

There are reptile nerds/herpaboos but they’re not as common and vocal as their wolf counterparts are. It’s also the curse of many contemporary charismatic megafauna being mammals. This wasn’t the case before and still isn’t to a degree. But wolfaboos are proof that we pay more attention to mammals than we do with reptiles despite the latter having historical importance and reverence.

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