The Evil Empire

Disney has been branded the evil empire for its habit of aggressively marketing to children (and sometimes animation fans) though other franchises have either done the same or even exceeded it. The Doraemon franchise is similar in that it’s about a talking animal and it usually appeals to children. Unsuprisingly you can find the likeness of Doraemon not just in toys, cartoons, books and comics but also in sandals and notebooks from what I’ve seen in the Philippines.

Similar things can be said of any anime as long as they’re popular with people who aren’t big nerds. I’ve seen poor kids wear YYH shirts and it was popular years before. Its’ safe to say that not all Disney cartoons are this aggressively marketed. There was merchandise for Kim Possible, shirts and toys and stuff. But at this point, there might just be nostalgia for it.

I grew up with Disney media from CD-Roms to cartoons and books. I can sense how that appealed to me before. But then again we have contenders that might make Disney blush. Lately the yellow Minions have been aggressively merchandised and marketed though who knows if this is going to end. There was ridiculous Disney merchandise before and probably still is.

The Minions are going to be everywhere. They’re coming to the Disney Channel, they’re arriving on boxes and they’ve appeared on food products. They’re that easy to market to. The designs aren’t overly complicated. The personalities are next to nothing compared to the Disney characters. Their appearances are less distinct than theirs so to speak.

Who knows what would happen if the Minions fad ended. One could consider them to be the yellow counterpart to what the Smurfs were in the 1980s. Heavily marketed to almost no end but could still have a lingering presence if the recent Smurf films are any indication. Only time will tell.

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