No more superheroes

I don’t have anything against superheroes save for that there’s nothing new about them at this point. So far we’ve been treated to multiple versions and incarnations of the exact same characters. You can say similar things about storylines. The Flash is a collection of repeated storylines and character types. Arrow is a retread of Smallville.

Weirdly enough, there was going to be a Batman film featuring a black Robin and the Nicholas Cage film was going to feature a black Jimmy Olsen. Smallville had a black Peter Ross so a black Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl was a character in the making. Oddly enough the Supergirl on television harkens back to the familiar Helen Slater portrayal if you go by the costume design alone.

But in hindsight, some of the things going on Arrow, Flash and Supergirl were nothing new. Spectacular Spider-Man had a black version of the same white character. You could replace Harrison Wells with either Niles Caulder or Professor X and it wouldn’t change a thing.

Heck try replacing Cisco and Caitlin with Manuel Lago and Frances Kane and you’d see a similar development. To those who have read comics or at least knew of it, there was a precedent for what will happen to Cisco and Caitlin in S2. Friends of the Flash who become villains.

The only thing new to happen is have a wanking Felicity Smoak and punk detective Barry Allen. Then it all goes down the drain.

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