Superhero fatigue setting in

There has been reports about the recent Fantastic Four film flopping. The other one with Silver Surfer didn’t do any better either. Not that the Fantastic Four is a bad concept on screen since there were at least three cartoons featuring them before that did well enough. (Maybe I’m not that smart.) And that the Fantastic Four comics used to sell lots of copies, which is saying something.

Who knows if superheroes are actually declining since the second Avengers film underperformed in comparison to the original. It may be marginal but it might be onto something. Growing numbers of people, including myself, are getting tired of superheroes. One can get a feeling that the staff are trying to delay this by making more unconventional superheroes though who knows if it might make matters worse.

A wanking Felicity Smoak and a punk rock detective Barry Allen could be seen as gimmicks that provoke people for weeks on end but ultimately say a lot about how rapidly quality has fallen in those programmes. Not only that but it’s a sign that people are actually getting bored of it. Those gimmicks may hold their interest but that might accidentally end the market for superheroes for good.

A bass wielding punk Barry is the only thing superhero media needs to salvage itself but that would also be its own undoing.

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