Why anime fandom has lots of lolcows

Not all anime fans are lolcows but many of them are especially if they believe in delusions about either the anime industry, Japan or mixing ideology with fandom. The very last is a bad practise. Okay, a lot of fandoms have perverts and weirdos in them but anime fandom in particular has a lot of room for those if you bring up Tsutomu Miyazaki.

Anime fandom is a breeding ground for people with rather skewered ideas of what Japanese society is like and what those industries are like. In reality, the anime and manga industry in Japan isn’t doing well in the long run due to a countrywide problem with too little youth and immigrants to sustain population growth. Several European countries don’t have that many youngsters but they compensate by allowing immigrants in.

Japan and by extension much of East Asia are hostile to foreigners though similar things and phenomena can be found outside of that region. Some countries and cultures are more xenophobic than others though, with Japan being in this category. Not to mention that in Japan, you’d be better off hiding your power level offline. Japan and East Asia in general have a strongly conformist society where you have to save face to protect not only yourself but your peers’ honour.

So Japan, despite its odd subcultures, is a very conformist society. Homosexuals face discrimination only due to the Japanese need for conformity. I used to have naive ideas about Japan. I have yet to go there but having been to several Japanese language sites, there is a lot of things that either get misinterpreted or missed out in Western anime and Japanophile communities.

Several other anime fans misinterpret Japanese culture, given that anime is usually their first exposure to it. Sometimes vidya, comics and movies but it goes back to anime as a reference point. While I’m no expert in Japanese culture, many foreigners can be in denial about Japan’s economy and how its decline has affected anime sometimes for the worse such as the spread of the moe cancer.

There is a lot of misinformation spread in anime fandom to the point where everything is accepted as fact. For instance, a lot of Western yaoi fans think that Japan is empowering for women looking for smut when in reality Japan isn’t and the socioeconomic conditions may sometimes worsen existing problems. They also don’t know that everywhere else there is smut for women and usually that’s romance novels.

Several of them are pretty ignorant not just about Japan and anime but also about other countries which might not be much better off on average, might be worse or even better. Actually, even Koreaboos have this problem if it weren’t for imported programmes and boy bands. Ironically Sweden qualifies better than either Korea and Japan do but not too many nerds go crazy for it. Misinformation, often done by distortion and selectiveness, more or less shaped anime and Korean wave fandom sometimes for the worst.

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