Crimson Curse

The Flash is heading for pretty drastic changes. Changes so drastic that it leads to a neverending controversy. The protagonist becomes a detective who is a tribute to the Clash and in a way that puts off everybody. For every person who thinks this is good, there are others who think this is sacrilegious and several more think it’s a cynical publicity stunt.

This would make the Clash the biggest music laughingstock by the vice of associating itself with a (former) superhero. Much like the 70s disco backlash, people will hate the Clash for representing the Flash in a very blatant manner. A band that sold-out to one of the biggest media corporations by having the Flash turn into a glorified Clash advert.

A headspining controversy that is enough to make Joe Strummer turn in his grave. The strong association not only prompts a meme and cynical advertising but also causes later artists to make Barry look like Paul Simonon and Jay like Strummer. Unsurprising in S2, the Flash wields a bass guitar to compensate for not being fast enough anymore. People at imageboards like 4Chan are ready to Clash Flash apart.

Who knows what would happen if this really came true.

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