Who will play Detective Barry Allen

I said several times before that drastic, even damning changes are coming to the Flash. One of them being the possibility that in S2 Barry will become a detective after losing his powers. The problem is whether or not the actor behind the character can live up to it. He can but will he?

I haven’t watched his performances though who knows if he can pull off a role where the character (Barry) deals with a life-changing event where he has to move on from being a superhero. Maybe yes. Maybe no. He’s not untalented but who knows if he can play a superhero turned detective.

Barry might not be the first superhero turned detective. There was one from Marvel called Jessica Jones who’s like this. Barry could at the very least be a very infamous example of one, albeit if the Flash writers decide to insert Clash jokes every now and then in S2 starting with him using a bass guitar.

Again who knows if Grant Gustin could pull this off too. He can sing and dance though who knows if he does method acting. One might doubt his ability to play a character undergoing drastic changes in S2. Not that he’s bad, he might not adjust well to Barry becoming a bass-wielding detective immediately. But then again it remains to be seen.

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