Entitled Fans and Bad Quality Programming

Here’s the thing that I hate about a lot of nerd fandoms, they’re overly entitled, demanding and selfish. They want a programme to heavily cater to them, even at the expense of not only casual audiences but also other fans who don’t want anything to do with what they want.

Arrow is a case of fan pandering gone wrong where some fans kept on demanding and harassing the staff to make their fanfiction couple come true to the point of sacrificing storytelling quality, destroying real character development and viewership for this. The Flash is better off at this point but it too will succumb to the same problems Arrow faced if the former is going to include Wendy.

A much more infamous example would be the Bronies. The Bronies weren’t the first overly entitled fanbase, as there were many others before them. Either that the show staff back then didn’t give a damn about their preferences or even willingly insulted them in the actual story. The Bronies are undoubtedly an infamous example, going so far to publicise their antics for the world to see.

Then the 100th episode came and it included many of the things common in Brony fan fiction. Some of the Bronies didn’t like it though as what others say, that episode was for fun. But one might wonder how far these programmes have come to heavily court diehard fans. If the programme was aimed at a much wider audience, Arrow and Flash could start out big and healthy and when they choose to pander to fans, their viewership declines considerably.

Pretty soon, nobody would want to watch them without associating themselves with those fans. Not all Bronies are like that but I think a lot more people who watch MLP don’t want to have anything to do with the Bronies. I think that’s why fan pandering not only leads to bad storytelling but also bad viewership and bad business as well.

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