Disturbing similarities between SJWs and fundamentalists

Over on the Internet, there are a lot of SJWs who complain about women dressing scantily. From my experience that’s practically the same statement some Christians make of fashion models, unbelieving women on the streets, actresses and musicians. Lots of my paternal relatives make a big deal over dressing modestly, which is the exact same thing SJWs do.

They also believe that by dressing women in frumpy, modest clothing it’ll help put off men from leering at them. SJWs do it and so do some Christians when you observe both of them in action. There are reasons to dress modestly but SJWs and some Christians make a really big fuss over making sure the women don’t attract men in any way. One might say that they’re incredibly uncomfortable with women who are comfortable in themselves.

And it should be noted that in cultures that strongly require women to dress modestly for ideological and religious reasons aren’t very woman friendly. They’re still all about men even if some men are gay or bi. If they’re artistically inclined, expect them to do mental gymnastics (read: have double standards) towards those who can get away with it. Artistically inclined SJWs do it with Sailor Moon, artistically inclined Christians do it with female nudes.

Both Sailor Moon and female nudes can be very sexually arousing to some people. It’s just that both SJWs and fine (Christian) artists are in denial about this. If it arouses it, it will arouse you. It wouldn’t surpise some that the visual arts are very welcoming of perverts since the start. It’s easier to be horny in illustration than it is with music and writing because with the latter two, you have to emphasise nuance over blatantness.

They also tend to flock to media that fulfill their ridiculously high standards even if they’re not as perfect as they want it to be or sometimes be rather questionable in content. While they’re influential, as a community both of them are very insular and off-putting to outsiders. Either if doesn’t fulfill or counters their standards, both of them will savage stuff immediately. SJWs savage anything that contains rape, scantily clad women, white straight men and the like. Christians savage anything that contains blasphemy, queers, scantily clad women, explicit sex, unsaved people and the like.

Both of them have an odd habit of patronising and idealising certain people. SJWs do it all the time with people of colour, disabled people, women and queers. Some Christians do the same with fellow Christians, Jews, Israel and historical Biblical figures. Both of them like to spurn outsiders. SJWs spurn straight white men and anti-SJWs in the same way Christians sourn both unbelievers and queers. Historically Christians even spurned dogs as they were accomplices of Satan like how the Bible looked down on them. They also look down on people who fraternise or associate with outsiders. SJWs make a big deal out of cultural appropriation and Christians do it with unbelievers and non-Christian faiths.

There’s also a thing called Horseshoe Theory which says that there are disturbing parallels between otherwise contrary ideologies that meet together like the opposite ends of an actual horseshoe. From my experience coming from both a Christian background and dealing with SJWs online, it’s safe to say that both of them are practically alike in mindset and practise. Even before I learnt of these words, I knew that both SJWs and Christians get pissed over porn and the like. They also like to evangelise their beliefs to a lot of people. It’s an indicator that there are way more commonalities between those two than one would think.

It’s enough to realise how the SJW/contemporary feminist movement came to strongly mirror its fundamentalist Christian counterpart in recent years. What also ties them together is their skewered ideas of gender roles. Especially with femininity where they expect it to fit a certain standard that’s just as impossible as that of their unsaved or uneducated counterparts. Not too many women can be a Playboy model but they also can’t be Virgin Mary and Buffy Summers. It’s also a noteworthy coincidence that Christians, especially Catholics, hold Virgin Mary to a high standard to the point of making her flawless and superhuman.

Some SJWs have recently reclaimed the dreaded, way too idealised Mary Sue character as a feminist statement. Much like Christians with their preference for pure, modest women who are subservient to the Lord, SJWs have a preference for quirky, modest or unconventional looking women who are subservient to their nerd feminism. It’s a disturbing parallel between the Catholic veneration of Virgin Mary, Protestant preference for biblical women and SJWs’ preference for quirky, “strong” female characters. Perhaps the connection is best attested by the SJW/nerd girl website The Mary Sue.

I’m not anti-Christian not I’m anti-feminist but having been influenced by these two, I can tell that there are profound similarities between certain strains of Christianity with certain strains of feminism, right down to the veneration of highly idealised female figures, avoidance of men and outsiders, prosletysing and the like. Both of them have made a considerable impression on me, which I’m beginning to outgrow for my own good. They’re not inherently bad but they can be bad for certain people.

I could also say similar things about why animal rights activists have a lot in common with Islamic fundamentalists in their habit of terrorising outsiders and those who eat haram stuff. But then again, being brought up in a Protestant household there are an awful lot of similarities between practising Christians and vocal SJWs right down to their practises and beliefs that to say that they have nothing in common is to be in denial about it. It’s also a matter of critical thinking to realise how similar they are to one another but that’s the point of this article.

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